Things to Remember for your Big Day | Summer Wedding Planning Tips | NightCap

Things to Remember for your Big Day | Summer Wedding Planning Tips | NightCap

Planning a summer wedding brings its own unique set of challenges. From ensuring your guests stay refreshed under the warm sun to choosing the ideal summer beverages, there are plenty of things to consider. Embrace the season with vibrant, seasonal décor and light, airy attire and of course following some of our top wedding planning tips. With thoughtful planning, your summer wedding can be a delightful and memorable celebration for all. Here are some essential wedding planning tips and tricks to make your big day perfect.


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Did you know the number 1 beverage at summer weddings is actually water! And, if you’re having an outdoorsy wedding in a tepee or barn, you may not have adequate water supplies nearby. So we’d definitely advise you to make sure that your caterers or event planners have brought plenty of water with them. 

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Get the Drinks in

One of the most exciting parts of planning your summer wedding is choosing what drinks you’re going to have! From refreshing summertime spritzes, to personalised bespoke cocktails, or crisp, ice-cold draught beer, picking the right drinks is SUPER important to the success of your day. We’d always recommend trying to get a variety of options so you keep all your guests, happy, hydrated, and of course refreshed.

Check out our 11 favourite summer cocktails, they’d be perfect for a summer wedding welcome drink!


Non-Alcoholic Options

Of course the fun is in the booze, but make sure you have plenty of exciting non-alcoholic options to keep all your guests happy. Whether you’ve got kids coming, designated drivers, or guest who don’t drink, you want to have some banging mocktails, and alcohol-free options to include all your nearest and dearest in the fun. The no and low alcohol market has come on leaps and bounds over the last couple years, and we’d highly recommend exploring all the options available. 


Remember… Yourself!

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This may seem like such an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to include themselves in the guest count for caterers and welcome drinks. Remember, the last thing you want on your big day is to be left without a meal or a well-earned welcome drink! It can be easy to get wrapped up in catering for all your guests that you end up forgetting who this day is all about – YOU!


Thank You Speech

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The wedding speech is something best men, brides and grooms all over spend weeks, months (sometimes only hours) writing, developing and practising. And whilst the main characters of the day always get a shout out and a thank you, we think it’s a lovely gesture to thank other guests. Why not give a shout out to different families or groups of friends that have made the effort to celebrate your big day with you?


Eat, Drink & Enjoy! 

Amid the excitement, it’s crucial for the bride and groom to remember to eat, drink, and savour every moment. Designate a trusted friend or planner to ensure you get enough food and hydration throughout the day. Take a few private moments together to appreciate the celebration and each other. Prioritize your well-being and joy, as these memories will last a lifetime. Enjoying the day to the fullest will make it truly special.


The Kids are Alright 

To ensure your youngest guests are entertained and comfortable, have plenty of activities and essentials on hand. Set up a dedicated kids’ zone with games, colouring books, and toys. Provide snacks and drinks suitable for children, and consider hiring a babysitter or entertainer to keep them engaged. This thoughtful touch will help parents relax and enjoy the celebration, knowing their children are well cared for.


Nominate a Personal Wedding Planner

Most people will have a wedding planner at their wedding but it’s also worth nominating a friend or relative, like the maid of honour, to be your own personal planner on the day. This person will be the point of contact for caterers, florists, event planners in case anything goes wrong. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with little hiccups on your big day, so we’d definitely have this as one of our top wedding planning tips. 


Keep the Flies Away to Enjoy your Day

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To keep flies and bugs at bay during your summer wedding, consider several effective strategies. Place citronella candles or torches around the venue to deter insects naturally. If safe to do so, consider having some outdoor firepits – these will not only keep the bugs away, but keep your guests warm and relaxed through the evening. You could also provide insect repellent for guests, and use decorative mesh covers to protect food and drinks. Opt for bug-resistant flowers in your décor, such as marigolds and lavender. These measures will help ensure a comfortable, pest-free environment for everyone to enjoy.


Prepare for the Worst (but hope for the best)

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We’re not exactly renowned for our reliable summers in this part of the world, and we’ve all seen a wash-out or two during our time. So, when you’re planning a summer wedding, it’s dead important to bear this in mind. Having umbrellas at the ready, covered outdoor spaces, and a couple blankets at hand can go a long way. You’re better off preparing for all four seasons, than you are getting caught in the rain. 


With these wedding planning tips and thoughtful touches, your summer wedding will be a beautiful and memorable celebration. Keep your guests comfortable, the kids entertained, and yourselves well-fed and happy. Embrace the season’s charm, and your special day will be a joyous occasion for all. Here’s to a perfect summer wedding! If you need any help making your big day EVEN more special, feel free to contact us on Instagram or online here

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